Three-Way Mixing Valve

LMV-3 Three-Way Mixing Valve, is designed for use in hydronic heating and cooling systems.

This valve is designed to provide a desired system fluid temperature by mixing fluid at a higher temperature from the heat source (typically a boiler) with fluid at a lower temperature returning from the heating zone. For cooling applications it can be installed to mix cooler fluid from the chiller (or other cooling water sources) with warmer fluid returning from the zones to achieve the desired system chilled fluid temperature.

Key Features:

  • "Stand alone" option available
  • Compatible with most popular mixing controllers
  • Capable of "outdoor reset" or "set point" mixing strategies
  • Economical method to employ multiple water temperatures on same project
  • Utilizes Legend Connect™ System for variety of installation options
LMV-3A Actuator
LMV-3A Actuator The LMV-3A Actuators, feature a floating or modulating motor to control the delivered water temperature with the LMV-3 mixing valve.