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SmartClick is the future of tool-free, permanent fittings; installing up to 35% faster than any other fitting system available. These innovative fittings are compatible with potable PE-RT and PEX plastic tube. Made with durable materials like PPSU, polycarbonate, and spring steel, our fittings are designed to last–we even back them with a 30-year system warranty. SmartClick has been third-party tested for compliance with several different regulatory standards and plumbing codes for behind-the-wall use.

Product Features

Cut. Insert. Click.

Cut. Insert. Click.

Cut. Insert. Click. In just three simple steps, you can make a permanent connection that you can verify by sight, sound, and feel. No specialized tools required. Here’s how it works:

  • CUT the PE-RT or PEX tube straight and square and validate the cut with the SquareBuddy.
  • INSERT the tube into the SmartClick connector and push–there’s no need to mark insertion depth.
  • When you hear a CLICK, that means the spring steel clamp has snapped closed, indicating that a secure connection has been made.

The polycarbonate sight glass on all SmartClick fittings provides an easy way to visually validate the connection. If you heard the click and the red wedge has been displaced, the clamp is activated, and the fitting has successfully created a watertight seal.

Tool-Free Installation

Achieve a secure connection without the need for specialized tools. All that’s required is a sharp straight-blade tube cutter and, optionally, the SmartClick SquareBuddy to double-check the squareness of your cuts.

Tool-Free Installation
Labor-Saving Speeds

Labor-Saving Speeds

In tests conducted by real contractors and plumbers, SmartClick fittings installed a minimum of 35% faster on average compared to other fittings systems. The increased speed and time-savings are a game-changer when used in expansive new construction projects like commercial offices, hotels, apartment buildings, and residential neighborhoods.

Durable Materials

Constructed from robust PPSU polymer, polycarbonate, and spring steel, SmartClick fittings are designed to last the life of the potable system. Each end of these fittings features two EPDM o-rings per side, stopping water in its tracks. The spring steel clamp resists changes in temperature and pressure, ensuring the connection remains secure.

Durable Materials

Our Products

The SmartClick system revolutionizes the plumbing industry with its advanced design, setting a new standard for efficiency and ease of use. These tool-free fittings simplify installation while ensuring a lasting and reliable seal. We back SmartClick with a 30-year system warranty to prove our commitment to exceptional products and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SmartClick fitting system is designed and approved for use in domestic and commercial applications for both potable water distribution and Hydronic heating systems. The SmartClick fitting system is a permanent connection system that requires no tools for assembly.

SmartClick will only work with PE-RT (ASTM F2769) and PEX (ASTM F876), copper tube sized (CTS), SDR 9 tubing. Only these types and size tubing have the proper wall thickness, outside and inside diameters to seal and mechanically hold with the SmartClick fitting system. PE-RT and PEX, copper tube sized (CTS), SDR9 tubing with an oxygen barrier typically used in Hydronic heating and cooling applications will also work with the SmartClick system. Any type of iron pipe size (IPS) tubing or “pipe” will NOT work properly with SmartClick. Copper, CPVC, polybutylene (PB) and composite PEX-Al-PEX tubing will NOT work with SmartClick fittings.

Yes. SmartClick fittings are permanent and 3rd party approved to be utilized in underground applications and as manufactured joints without access panels. SmartClick fittings buried underground must be wrapped in silicone tape per the Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM) instructions.

No. SmartClick fittings are designed to be permanent. Once they are installed on the tubing by evidence of the activation wedge being dislodged (see IOM), the fittings can only be removed by cutting out the associated section of tubing. Once the activation wedge has been dislodged, by installation on tubing or otherwise, the fitting must be discarded and can NOT be re-used.

SmartClick fittings are certified to standard NSF 14 for plastic piping systems which includes: NSF 61; NSF 372; and ASSE 1061. SmartClick is also certified to be in compliance with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), International Plumbing Code (IPC) and the National Plumbing Code of Canada.

Yes. PTFE tape is the only safe material to use on the plastic threads of the SmartClick adapters. Do NOT use “pipe dope”, solvents, glues, anaerobic sealants / adhesives or allow paint of any type to come in contact with the plastic part of the fittings.

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