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550 Series

550-Series Frostfree Sillcocks

Our 550-Series frostfree sillcocks are designed for performance. Available in two operation types–1/4-Turn and Multi-Turn–and six end configurations, they feature corrosion-resistant chrome-plated brass bodies, easy-operating Softouch™, integrated vacuum breakers, lockshields, and dual ceramic discs to assure positive shutoff.

Product Features at a Glance

Softouch Handle

Softouch Handle

The 550-series features the patented Softouch™ handle, which is clad in a UV and weather-resistant thermoplastic rubber (TPR), that assures easy operation with wet or gloved hands.

Integral Lockshield

Integral Lockshield

Removing the handle on a T-550, or TM-550 sillcock reveals an integrated lockshield, which is compatible with our loose key (SKU 107-410), to protect against unauthorized use.

Oversized & Pitched Sill Flange

Oversized Sill Flange

An oversized sill flange increases stability and makes the valve easier to install, as the screw holes are easier to access with tools.


Pitched Sill Flange

The built-in 5° pitch ensures proper draining once the valve has been shut off.

Integrated Vacuum Breaker

Integrated Vacuum Breaker

The automatic vacuum interruption prevents back-siphonage, keeping the system safe from backflow during operation.