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Radiant hydronic systems have redefined what comfort and convenience mean in both residential and commercial applications. Manifolds link all parts of hydronic heating systems, connecting tube runs to the mechanical room and back. They’re meticulously engineered to provide total control over flow rates and distribution to completely optimize system performance. Our comprehensive selection of manifolds is tailored to meet your project’s requirements, from precision control to high capacity.

Our Products

Image of Stainless Steel Manifolds

M-8330 Series Stainless Steel Manifolds

Premium quality stainless steel manifolds designed for hydronic heating systems, with every feature thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested.

Image of Precision Brass Manifolds

M-8200 Series Precision Brass Manifolds

These manifolds integrates advanced features allowing precise control over high-performance systems, no matter how you mount it.

Image of Modular Manifolds

M-8000 Series Modular Manifolds

Precision-machined manifolds designed to be customized, offering on-site adaptability, suitable for projects with diverse requirements.

Image of Engineered Plastic Manifolds

M-8100 Series Engineered Plastic Manifolds

Lightweight and durable, these manifolds are easily adaptable, allowing them to suit a variety of radiant heating or cooling projects.

Image of High-Capacity Manifolds

M-8220 Series High-Capacity Manifolds

Meticulously engineered for the most demanding of systems, perfectly suited to projects requiring high flow rates and spanning extensive areas.

Image of Economy Stainless Steel Manifolds

M-8300E Series Economy Stainless Steel Manifolds

A cost-effective stainless steel manifold that doesn't compromise on quality and available accessories.

Manifold Accessories

Manifold Accessories

We also offer a wide range of accessory components to customize manifolds to your exact specifications.

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