A 21st-Century Tube


HyperPure is a game changer in the world of potable plastic tube. Its exceptional strength, workability, and lack of chemical additives make it the go-to for plumbers and contractors alike. Our PE-RT tube can be used in the same applications as potable PEX and is accepted by both National and International Plumbing Code. HyperPure is also compatible with half a dozen different types of fitting systems, including cold expansion and fusion.

Product Features



HyperPure is made using a 21st century bimodal resin, which weaves together molecular chains to grant extra strength and toughness without sacrificing flexibility. This unique structure results in better burst and tensile properties, and slow-crack resistance.

  • 200 PSI Rating at 73° F | 100 PSI Rating at 180° F
  • CL-5 Chlorine Resistance
  • Meets and exceeds the same standards as PEX


Our tube is incredibly flexible and designed to be compatible with many different fitting systems, including fusion welds, making it one of the most versatile tubes currently available on the market. HyperPure is marked in 5-foot increments to maximize use efficiency and minimize scrap.

  • Compatible with cold expansion rings, copper crimp rings, stainless steel cinch clamps, insert, push-fit, & fusion fittings
  • Best-in-class stay-straight & stress-relax capabilities
  • Bend radius is five times the tube’s OD
Effortless Installation


No chemical treatments are used to produce HyperPure, keeping it fully compliant with HDPE Code 2 guidelines. The lack of chemical treatment eliminates the need for line flushing, which reduces job site waste by recycling scrap.

  • No flushing required to remove odor or taste
  • No chemical cross-linking needed
  • 100% recyclable

HyperPure Print String

100-Year Warranty

With resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and harsh conditions, HyperPure's exceptional durability ensures long-lasting performance. Backed by a 100-year product warranty, HyperPure is guaranteed to last for generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

HyperPure is made with Dow’s HyperTherm bimodal PE-RT resin. Unlike other commonly used PE-RT resins used in tube, HyperTherm weaves together long and short chains of molecules without permanently altering them. The end result is a strong and flexible material that can be fused and recycled.
  • Accepted by National Plumbing Codes (IPC & UPC)
  • Meets ASTM F2769 (ASTM F876/877 Equivalent)
  • CL-5 Chlorine Resistance

No. HyperPure uses a bimodal PE-RT resin specially formulated by the Dow Chemical Company for use in potable water applications. HyperPure is also listed to a different ASTM standard than radiant PE-RT, which requires different levels of testing.

Our tube meets and exceeds the same standards required of PEX tube. It’s also fusible, recyclable, and doesn’t require line-flushing to remove residual chemical taste or odor.

Yes. HyperPure is tested and third-party certified to ASTM F2769, which is potable PE-RT equivalent of ASTM F876. Tube listed to ASTM F2769 is approved for use as potable water distribution pipe in all states and localities following the 2012 International and Uniform Plumbing Codes. HyperPure is also listed to ICC-ES-PMG to meet all of the 2009 requirements of IPC and UPC.

HyperPure is compatible with all types of PEX fittings, including:
  • Cold Expansion Rings
  • Copper Crimp Rings
  • Stainless Steel Cinch Clamps
  • Push-to-Connect
  • Fusion Connections