High-efficiency climate control systems

Discover the design and technology benefits of a high-efficiency climate-control system for commercial heating and cooling. Taking up only 6 inches of plenum space, Ambiance can result in 5-10% more usable building space.

This innovative system can provide 25-35% energy savings and 10-20% maintenance cost savings. It also reduces dust and airborne pathogens which can be a concern in commercial environments. Ambiance provides heating and cooling with maximum comfort, lower noise and fewer drafts all while saving energy. It is available in several elegant colors and designs to fit a variety of architectural tastes.

Key Features:
  • 25-35% energy savings
  • 10-20% maintenance cost savings
  • Ergonomic - lower noise, fewer drafts & maximum comfort
  • Available in elegant colors & designs
  • 5 -10% more usable building space
  • Reduces dust and airborne pathogens
  • Great for new construction & renovations
  • Heating and cooling zones are reconfigurable