All Legend Manifolds are able to be installed vertically or horizontally.

From the traditional 1” brass bar manifold to the ultra-high flow 2” manifold, we offer solutions for any manifold requirement. The Modular manifold system is easily customized from 2 through 14 ports at-the-job, with or without the same fill valves and air vents as the traditional brass bar. The High Capacity Manifold offers a flow rate of over 50 gpm for large commercial floors, snow melt or mechanical room distribution applications.

Our innovative components and accessories are interchangeable where appropriate. Tube connectors, circuit actuators and isolation valves are compatible across the entire family. Manifold header isolation valves also work as circuit isolation valves on the High Capacity Manifold. Angle isolation valves allow supply and return piping to route from above or below the manifold, saving space and additional fittings. Our unique “Legend-Press” isolation valve offers flexibility as press style connections become more popular.

Manifold Accessories