100% Employee Owned


At Legend, employees matter most—and that’s why we believe caring for the company is in all our hands. Being 100% employee-owned means, everyone shares in the work we do and the success we create. Together, we’re growing this company and setting it up for continued success. When we do well, everyone can benefit. It takes all of us – individually and collectively in our roles – to have employee ownership be our journey into the future.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Ownership in Everything, Every Day

Working at Legend empowers us to think like an owner because we have an ownership stake in the company where we work every day. It’s about thinking beyond the here and now and being committed to the journey. Our vision is about building something to last for years to come. Our focus is about the relationships we gain through the work we’re entrusted to do. The actions we take impact other people, and service to our customers – this is why the details matter. In every interaction, thinking and acting like owners is important because the future of the company and this benefit depend on it.

Ownership Through an ESOP

Legend became 100% employee owned in 2023, by putting in place an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). At its core, the ESOP is a benefit plan that can build over time. It gives everyone a stake in the company through an investment in Legend company stock. The stock value can grow over time and impact what ESOP accounts are worth. As employee owners, we’re growing and sharing in the ESOP benefit.

Not every company shares this type of ownership with its employees, but we do. We believe it’s a great way to care for employees beyond the here and now – and help build financial savings for employees to have in the future.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)